Cycle for Better Health

Cycle for Better Health is a multi-year partnership between BYCS and Cities for Better Health (formerly ‘Cities Changing Diabetes’) that seeks to increase the use of cycling amongst children.

Challenge and Opportunity

Establishing healthy physical activity habits like cycling during childhood can have immediate and long-term benefits for people’s physical and mental wellbeing. Nevertheless, one-third of the world’s adult population and 4 in 5 children do not engage in sufficient physical activity, causing over 5 million preventable deaths annually. 

Having an active way-of-life, such as cycling to school or work, is associated with a 10% reduction in risk of cardiovascular disease, a 30% reduction in risk of type 2 diabetes, and a 30% lower likelihood of cancer-related mortality.

In uniting the efforts of a leading health organisation such as Cities for Better Health, and an innovative mobility non-profit like BYCS, this partnership also seeks to bridge the gap between these two sectors, hopefully leading to greater collaboration towards shared goals. To this end, we seek to showcase the vital role of cycling in promoting physical activity and well-being within the health sector, and to highlight the numerous health benefits of cycling that are often overlooked within the mobility sector.

Pilot Programmes

The pilot phase of this multi-year partnership occurs over approximately 15 months, beginning February 2024, and is divided into 3 key phases:

Phase one

Project framework formulation, including refining different methodologies to be tested and selecting implementation partners




Phase two

Implementation and testing of methodologies, involving direct engagement with children by partners in 3 cities to increase cycling uptake




Phase three 

Knowledge dissemination, including ongoing local and global advocacy campaigns, the publication of a policy brief, as well as conference presentations. 



Project Manager – Daniela Gutierrez

Project Coordinator – Alex Baum

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