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With the intension of shifting mindsets and inspiring change, BYCS builds and coordinates global advocacy campaigns. These campaigns champion cycling cultures, human-centric cities, and prioritising urban quality of life. Compelling narratives are created to spark off the community-based power and global reach of the Bicycle Mayor Network.

These campaigns are sometimes proactive and spontaneous, built collectively from the ground up thanks to the strength and cohesion of our global network of leaders. We also create campaigns in collaboration with, and commissioned by, partner organisations, contributing creative capacity, as well as the ability to spread a message far around the planet.


Clean Mobility Collective put out a call for collaborating organisations to support their global campaign demanding zero emissions last-mile delivery from Amazon (as market leaders (in profit and emissions) with other logistics companies expected to follow suit).

BYCS joined the coalition, enlisting the support of Bicycle Mayors and building a sub-campaign to target this global logistics challenge by creating a global zero-emissions communications chain.

BYCS’ contribution to this global campaign connected involved Bicycle Mayors in a logistics journey that called out the local challenges and opportunities for clean last-mile delivery in their cities. Individual Mayors were supported in building their own content and narrative, based on-top of the creative platform that BYCS built to hold the the initiative together.

People reached by Bicycle Mayor and BYCS social posts.

7 cities joined from diverse regions around the world

Other organisations joined in global collaborative action

International Days

International anniversary days form a visible platform to stimulate conversation around cycling and urban quality of life. In past years these have included among others: International Women’s Day, Earth Day, and World Bicycle Day.

As well as strengthening our message, these days bring together our global networks of cycling leaders, the Bicycle Mayors, inspiring civil society to see the potential in community-led cycling change.

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day brought together women Bicycle Mayors from across the world to make clear the need for an intersectional approach to cycling and gender advocacy, for safe and accessible streets for all.

Earth Day

Earth Day is a moment to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Strengthening the message of cycling as a crucial part of protecting our planet is vital for ensuring a wide and urgent uptake.

Bicycle Mayors, initiated by a group based in Latin America, joined together to talk about the links between environment, mobility, and quality of life.

World Bicycle day

World Bicycle day is a yearly celebration of the bicycle as a mode of transportation, and a means to transforming the way we live in cities and on this planet.

Each year Bicycle Mayors initiate their own on-the-ground actions locally, and online join with a shared message. In 2023 we called for cycles to be seen as much more than just a way to get from A to B.

BYCS can work with governments, businesses, and civil society movements to create and coordinate impactful, global advocacy campaigns.

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