Latin America Cycles

BYCS has been working alongside the World Bank, supporting their objectives to promote inclusive active travel in the Latin American region. BYCS’ role focuses on increasing awareness of the benefits of cycling and supporting the development of a regional, multi-sectoral network through beskpoke campaigns, communications strategy and on-ground learning and cultural activations.

Virtual Event

The “Encuentro LAP” was a series of online workshops and interactive activities led by experts from the region on issues, strategies and tools for promotion and planning to make cycling a viable option for the entire population.

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Project Activities

The Latin America Cycles knowledge exchange initiative, supported by the South South Knowledge Facility. This is comprised of a holistic advocacy and communications platform to mobilise participation, share learnings and highlight underrepresented voices through two bespoke campaigns.

Outdoor exhibition showing innovative bicycle projects from around the world with sea in the background.

The Bicycle Architecture Biennale came to the Latin American context, in collaboration with the World Bank, the Peruvian Ministry of Culture, and citizen observatory Lima Como Vamos. BYCS and partners leveraged the exhibition to promote cycling among citizens of Lima and local decision makers.

The World Bike Forum 11 in Manizales was the culmination of the Latin America Cycles initiative, launching PLAMOBI, a new cycling knowledge platform for Latin America with the World Bank.

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