BYCS Global Foundation

We are a global not for profit organisation guided by the belief that bicycles transform cities and cities transform the world. We work internationally with businesses, governments, NGOs and civil society to initiate and support community-led urban change through cycling.

Our work is rooted in the belief that bicycles provide more than efficient and sustainable transportation. Whether it is to attain gender-fair cities, decrease urban inequality, improve community health, foster neighbourhood economies or ensure urban resilience, the bicycle is a powerful tool for societal transformation.


Be part of a global program to accelerate the growth of urban cycling and get the next billion people on their bikes;

Seek impact towards a wide range of sustainable development goals, in particular – but not exclusively – by contributing in the areas of:

  • Mobility, by providing and implementing affordable, accessible and clean transport solutions in the city and region;

  • Health, by promoting improved health and well-being and healthy air quality with active citizens;

  • Environment, by reducing the ecological footprint of cities and other communities and promoting responsible lifestyles;

  • Community, by creating inclusive and safe places with engaged citizens;

  • Economy, by promoting new forms of sustainable economic development and opportunities;

Whether or not together with others – directly or indirectly participating in and collaborating with (local) organisations, legal entities, companies and companies that pursue a similar goal;

Performing all further acts that are related to the foregoing in the broadest sense or may be conducive thereto.

Sustainable Development goals


General Public

Youth & Children




  • Being a catalyst and bringing together public and private domains to make them understand the importance of increased cycling capacity in cities for environmental benefits and economic health;
  • Facilitating the foundation’s global network;
  • Demonstrating visionary leadership supported by secondary research and qualitative and quantitative data collection;
  • Making resources available to achieve the above objectives;
  • Raising funds, accepting donations and using such funds and donations for the activities described above;
  • Consulting and collaborating with organizations that support the activities described above;
  • Preparing and distributing promotional material;
  • Maintaining a website, social media channel(s) and other resources and media;
  • Performing everything that can be conducive to the realization of the objectives described above, in the broadest sense of the word.

Bicycle Mayor Curitiba





Contributions from third parties

Expenditure to Achieve our Goals

Donations and grants are used to facilitate the goals, activities and networks, such as expanding and maintaining the Bicycle Mayor Network and Citizens Network.
Funds, grants and contributions from third parties are used to implement concrete programmes, research and activities for the development of local cycling cultures in cities in general and promotion of bicycle use within specific countries, regions, cities, organizations and communities.

The Foundation does not aim to make profit.

The board members receive no remuneration for their work.


Sarah Roberts – Chair

Sarah Roberts has over 20 years experience fundraising for outstanding causes including Greenpeace, Médecins Sans Frontières, the Global Call for Climate Action. Sarah’s fundraising efforts have enabled positive social change across a range of environmental and social issues all over the world including Brazil, China, India, SE Asia, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong to name a few. As an advocate for climate and environmental issues and solutions, Sarah passionately believes in BYCS efforts to engage with millions of people that can benefit from the bicycle and transform our cities and climate for a sustainable future.

Lee Feldman – Secretary

Lee Feldman is a Creative Strategist, constantly challenging himself and others to innovate and find new horizons for ideas that give humanity the best chance to collectively thrive on our home planet. Pushing the boundaries of what is possible to not only save what’s left, but rejuvenate the earth and in turn ourselves. This is where the bicycle can take us. As co-founder of a global digital agency, a global leadership school and a collective of bicycle futurists (BYCS), Lee is converging and diverging influences from the widest possible reference spaces and infusing teams and projects with radical, idealistic and novel guidance; knowing full well that we cannot wait a minute longer to make massive change.

Oona Eager – Treasurer

Oona Eager is a Senior Community Strategist whose work supports people in envisioning, designing and developing better futures for themselves, their organizations, and their communities. She is a Canadian based in Amsterdam and works on international projects in the philanthropic, social enterprise, and civic sectors.

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