BYCS India Foundation

A wide road in India is used by people on bikes, the photo is bathed in orange light

With the growing momentum of cycling in India, the BYCS India Foundation was launched in 2021 to shape a collective movement of cycling-driven change from the ground up.

We work to strengthen the human infrastructure of cycling cities by supporting community initiatives, promoting a culture of active mobility and inspiring new citizens to take up the bicycle for daily trips.

We achieve this through strategic communications and research, inspirational urban activations, stimulation programs and network building.

How We Work


We envision an inclusive, resilient, and liveable urban future where the majority of the Indian urban population adopts the bicycle for daily trips.


We facilitate the development of a bicycle culture through engagement, mobilisation, and research. We define this work as strengthening the “human infrastructure” of cycling”.


We are guided by values of boldness, collaboration, leadership, inclusivity, and integrity.

Our Services


Interfacing with governments, businesses, knowledge institutions, and civil society directly to deliver programs and campaigns which inspire and activate citizens, especially those who may not be traditionally involved such as women, children, and low-income groups.


Building, facilitating, and galvanising an interconnected urban cycling movement of advocates, activists and like-minded organisations and governments. This manifests in several ways, from the Bicycle Mayor Network to the Bicycle Citizens Network.


Informing strategy, policy, and practices. We approach urban cycling from the lens of “human infrastructure”, aiming to expand our understanding of how cycling adoption can fundamentally transform the fabric of society and how social and cultural factors affect its adoption.

Bicycle Mayor Network in India

BYCS India Foundation facilitates the Bicycle Mayor Network throughout India.

Bicycle Mayors can accelerate the changes we need to see by uniting all citizens to take action. They bring creative diversity with new insights and approaches, from both inside and beyond the world of bicycle planning professionals or the political establishment. They are the human face and voice of cycling in a city. By connecting these changemakers across a national and global network – creating greater visibility, rapidly sharing ideas, challenges and solutions, – we can create a truly radical shift.

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Our Team

From our office in Bengaluru and remotely from Delhi, Valsad and worldwide. We are comprised of a small, passionate team of urbanists, human geographers, communicators, and campaign creators. We are people who use bicycles in our everyday lives, to get to where we need to be.

BYCS India Advisory Board

BYCS India Foundation is supported by an advisory board of individuals from diverse backgrounds and parallel industries, striving to help strengthen the position of the cycle for Indian urban mobility and quality of life for all.

Amlan Bora

Satya Arikutharam

Bhavyank Shah


We currently have no open vacancies, but feel free to send us an open application.

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To realise our goals, we work with others who share our vision. If you’d like to contribute to one our programmes or have a suggestion for a way we could collaborate, we’d love to hear from you.

General Contact:
+91-78383 33985

Registered Address:
26 Crescent Cross Road, High Grounds
Bengaluru, Karnataka