Bicycle Heroes

Involving children in urban processes enables cities to grasp what adults often overlook while making the urban environment more playful and inclusive. Cities that are comfortable and safe for children benefit all population demographics. 

We work with children in cities across the Netherlands to come up with creative ideas on how cycling can be made safer and more comfortable around their school or in their neighbourhoods.

We have conducted Bicycle Hero programs in Amsterdam, the Hague & the Gelderland Province of the Netherlands, and are now ready to bring this program to cities around the world.

What does a Bicycle Hero do?

A Bicycle Hero comes up with ideas for safe cycling to school and in their locality and tries to implement these ideas together with other children, teachers or parents. They also represent the ideas and interests of their peers.

The best ideas are then developed during co-creation workshops and presented to the city officials where they come under consideration and can be implemented.

Programs in the Netherlands

Bicycle Heroes final in Amsterdam, September 2020. The winner was Cato Bolderman, proposing an idea for an illuminated waterfront cycle route. photo: Anke Teunissen