Uniting and amplifying advocacy for cycling as a climate solution

The COP26 Cycling Forum brought together cycling advocates in Glasgow and globally, amplifying voices and celebrating the potential of cycling as a climate solution.

The event involved participant speeches, and panel discussions; all focusing on celebrating the efforts of those who cycled to COP26 and those advocating for the potential of cycling in the fight against the impacts of the climate crisis.


Jessie Stevens (People Pedal Power) & Catherine Dunn (The Adventure Syndicate)

Jessie is a climate activist who cycled with members of The Adventure Syndicate (and of the public who helped ride the cargo bike) from Devon to Glasgow to speak as a young UN representative. She spoke with Catherine who filmed the entire trip, about cycling as activism and the power of people on bikes.

Chris Coyle & Richard Ingham (UK Bicycle Mayors)

Bicycle Mayors of Birmingham and Cumbria respectively, they spoke about the projects they’re doing including with the NHS and local governments, as well as about the power of community-led change as a whole.

Hermione Taylor (Do Nation)

Hermione is the founder of Do Nation, one of the organisations that created Ride The Change, a group ride from London to Glasgow building climate action, awareness, and a community of champions along the way.

Bénédicte Herbout (Climate Fresk)

Bénédicte not only cycled from Munich to Glasgow mostly solo, but gave climate narrative building workshops along the way. These sessions connect the dots of climate change, and put the power in the hands of those that experience it to speak about what is needed for human survival.

Duncan Dollimore (Cycling UK)

As the Head of Campaigns, Duncan leads advocacy and policy action for Cycling UK. At the forum he outlined progress and barriers for cycling in the UK and globally.

Michael Pinsky (Pollution Drift)

The Pollution Pods are a series of geodesic domes whose air quality, smell and temperature accurately recreate the pollution of five different locations on three continents: London, Beijing, São Paulo, New Delhi and Tautra, a remote peninsula in Norway.

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