Ximena Maria Rodriguez Figueroa

Hola, I am Ximena Maria Rodriguez Figueroa, I was born in San Juan de Pasto – Colombia. I have lived in Rosario – Argentina for more than two years. I am a very active person, I love the outdoors, traveling, getting to know new cultures, and exploring new places. I like photography, I am a lover of nature and caring for the planet where we live.

What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

My proposals for my term as Bicycle Mayor of Rosario are aimed at young people, workers, of any gender, but especially women.

In the framework of the pandemic, despite living in the midst of sanitary restrictions, a large increase in spaces destined for urban cycling was observed, some with better safety characteristics than others, but in general an increase that has been favoring the use of the bicycle in the city. Therefore, I want to take this opportunity, to encourage people who now return to their jobs in person, to make use of these infrastructures, and to encourage themselves to travel from their homes to their jobs by bike.

I want the phrase “TO THE OFI BY BIKE” to be a slogan that spreads in the city and represents a new trend that is here to stay. I want to show the city that the “urban myths” regarding moving by bike can be debunked and that there is no outfit, climate, or physical condition that prevents you from enjoying the efficiency of going to the workplace by bike while providing energy, health, and happiness.