Siraj Saxena

A freelance painter,ceramic artist ,writer and philosopher who lives in Ghaziabad. Cycling is my passion and I wish to see roads here full of cyclists. I am an active member of a few cycling groups and communities in Delhi NCR. I am also an active member and mentor of a few NGOs such as Srijan Ek Sankalp, Mera Ranng Foundation, and others. I have traveled (1200KM) in central India on a bicycle,along with a bicycle expedition around the river Narmada Valley (1100KM) in 1999. In 2017 I did a tour of northeast India (1000KM).

How would you describe your mission?

I want to shed light on the benefits of cycling by conducting seminars and workshops in schools and corporates and Group Housing Societies. I will organize cyclothons (non-competitive) with the help of local authorities to promote cycling.I will also aim to create a cycling directory of our territory to keep all cyclists on the same page and to share information about cycling on regular basis. I also strive to find donors who can donate cycle to cycle enthusiasts who can’t buy bicycles, and finally I want to gather stories of different cyclists and compile them in the form of a book to distribute in society.