Ricardo Bravo

I am a political consultant, I have developed research, analysis and strategies in political campaigns, elaboration of public policies for the government, politicians and others. I also act as Director of Consultancy PODER and Collective of Urban Mobility Tulancingo (MUT).

What is your mission?

As Bicycle Mayor, I want to help make by city the reference point across the country, as one of the most prosperous cities, being a leader in public policy and specifically urban cycling.

What are the obstacles and challenges you’re facing?

One of the most difficult obstacles is the resistance from society specifically from the medium and high economic class to stop using the vehicle for distances no greater than 3 km. and to embrace moving by bicycle in the city for transport.

What can other cities learn from Tulancingo?

The importance of not migrate to other cities or countries looking to get a better quality life, when we can build a better place to live.

What is the next step?

I will participate in the second forum of sustainable mobility organized by the Mobility and Transport Secretary of Hidalgo State. I will announce the actions that I will implement for the next two years as bicycle mayor: (Advertising campaign “Muévete en Bici Libre y Seguro”; night bike ride with benefice, Radiophonic mobility program, between other activities)

Twitter: @BMTgo
Facebook: BMTulancingo
Email: ciclotulancingo@gmail.com