Manuel Londoño

I am an urban designer with a lot of experience in bike path design. For 10 years I have been working so that cyclists can enjoy the city in a safe way, I have worked for the municipality and now I do it from the Más Urbano collective. My passion are the cities and I see the bicycle as the great tool to improve them.

How would you describe your mission?

I want to double the number of people who use the bicycle in Medellín, so they dare to use it and can have all the benefits that it gives them. I want many more people in the city to speak and understand the role of the bicycle to improve cities.

What are the obstacles and challenges you are facing in your city?

People are still very afraid to use the bicycle to move. The main challenge is that people understand that it is not so dangerous and that they become aware that cyclists must be respected.

What are the next steps now that you are the Bicycle Mayor?

Give voice to many other cyclists to help generate the changes that the city needs.

What can other cities learn from your city?