Malav Dutta

My name is Malav Dutta. I learnt cycling when I was 11 years old and started taking part in different cycling rallies and rides since 2017. I developed an interest in Mountain Biking in 2018 and started training for Cross Country and Downhill races. I took part in many MTB races in different parts of the country and won two bronze medals in the 16th MTB National Championships in January 2020. My parents have been very supportive and have always encouraged me to follow my passion for cycling. I have been guided and supported immensely by Spokehub Racing in developing my skills as a MTB racer.

Why do you like to cycle?

I like cycling because it helps me to remain fit and disciplined. I don’t need to spend money for travelling within the city for my tutoring lessons, meeting friends and for my training. Besides that cycling helps the city to be pollution free and does not cause any traffic congestion.

What are your goals as Junior Bicycle Mayor?

Being the Junior Bicycle Mayor of Guwahati, I will encourage the youth to take up cycling as a sport. Sports builds discipline as well as focus in life and makes one healthy. In Guwahati there are not many people of my age group who cycle regularly as their parents do not allow them to do so. Parents do allow their children to participate in cycling events and races. I think seeing my cycling achievements many parents will encourage their children to take up cycling.
I believe with more young cyclists on the streets cycling regularly, the government will realise the importance of providing cycling lanes for our safety.
I will promote cycling among the student community by speaking, writing and sharing information about the benefits of cycling through all mediums. I will perform these roles in consultation, guidance and advise of the Bicycle Mayor of Guwahati and other members of Pedal for a Change.