Jacopo Bardi

I am a citizen of the world who believes in active mobility as a philosophy of life even before being a mere means of sustainable transport. This is why my skills as an architect, educator, and slow travel ambassador are always at the service of reconnection with ourselves and our surroundings through the slowness of cycling and walking.
My experiences in the bicycle world are:
  • Continuous training with masters in the best cycle mobility courses (recent participation in the “Planning the cycling city” summer school at the UVA Urban Cycling Institute of Amsterdam and organization of seminars and training courses for technicians and architects);
  • Moderator and curator of public talks on cycling in cultural events (talk on the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Florence and on bike to school);
  • International cycling trips to spread the culture of cycling and slow and responsible tourism thanks to photo reports and travel diaries (Riciclabili – The Ex Iron Curtain Trail 2017 );
  • Integration of sustainability and the culture of the bicycle into the educational programs of schools.

What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

I would like to work to create a network between citizens, associations and administrations who care about cycle mobility in order to bring out and strengthen an adequate demand for cycling. In fact, I am convinced that only if we are united can we win the battle to reach 50×30 – 50% of all urban trips by bicycle by 2030, in line with the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda.
Surely the BYCS network will be a game changer for my activism, also thanks to my educational activity as a teacher and practicing cyclist in daily life. From the point of view of the offer, I want to activate training processes capable of directing technical and political choices towards correct intervention practices. And from this point of view I think my skills as an architect and active mobility expert can be of great help.