Geeta S Rao

Geeta S Rao was once told by a Doctor that she may never be able to walk again in her life, after getting Poliomyelitis in her entire body at the age of 3, due to the wrong injection given by a doctor upon her high fever. She was bed-ridden for years, used a wheelchair, crutches, handicapped boots, walking poles but is now standing on her own legs, doing all the adventures that she couldn’t ever dream to do.

She has now become an International Tri-Athlete now, holding multiple national records. Her left leg has no power and is permanently disabled below waist but she has set a firm eye on winning a medal at the 2024 Olympics.

With her life journey, she wants to promote cycling to save the environment, nature and wildlife.

What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

Geeta will work towards making her city greener and healthier with the use of Bicycles. However, her main focus will be to get people to start cycling through organised events and to inspire them to adopt cycling as part of their lifestyles.

  1. Almost 40% of total death occurs in 40-69 years of age group, mostly because of diabetes, heart attacks, kidney, lungs or tuberculosis etc. Hence I want to change the thinking that cycling should be part of everyone’s life from childhood.
  2. To propose and push the government to build dedicated cycling and walking tracks in Ahmedabad at multiple locations.
  3. Through my own cycling journey I want to spread among the entire specially-abled community, that cycling has the capability to help people of different abilities.