Areli Carréon

On a mission to reduce the number of cycling deaths each year and increase the availability of bike lanes to 340 kilometers, Bicycle Mayor Areli Carréon is leading by example in her hometown Mexico City. Areli has been working as a promoter of urban cycling in Mexico City for 20 years, from empowering civil society to the lobbying on public policies.

Areli is a longtime activist and a founder of Bicitekas, an organization that promotes the use of bicycles in Mexico City and lobbyists for policy change around cycling and urban mobility. Bicitekas are making waves in Mexico successfully lobbying for the construction of numerous bike lanes in the nation’s capital, and in 2015 they were victorious in passing Mexico City’s first municipal road safety law on a mission to transform the government’s hazardous approach to traffic safety.

One of her many focus points as Bicycle Mayor is to encourage cycling for people living on the outskirts of Mexico as a tool to increase individuals mobility and access to the city, as well as empowering poor marginalised communities living on the fringe.