Aparna Prabhakar

I am Aparna Prabhakar, a 12th grade student in g g h s s cottonhill, Asia’s largest girls school. I am also an NSS volunteer leader.

Why do you like to cycle?

I consider cycling as a humble and aesthetic way of commuting and a great leisure-time activity. Cycling is completely beneficial for nature, it imparts fitness, reduces traffic problems, has economic benefits, what more do you need to embrace bicycles?

What are your goals as Junior Bicycle Mayor?

I always wanted to promote cycling among students and women. For that we are planning to start bicycle brigades and bicycle trains in every school. Despite the conditions brought on by the pandemic, we are looking forward to conducting the first international bicycle fest in the world (cyclolsavam) including webinars, competitions and movie screening along with weekly bicycle webinars.
We are planning to conduct a survey among school students. Our upcoming projects include preparation of postal stamps and competition related to cycling. We are planning to cooperate with several student groups like NSS, SPC to utilise their potential to raise awareness about cycling among students. We are planning to conduct direct cycling classes and restart the rent a cycle program soon after the pandemic is over. The end goal is to convert our city into cycle friendly one.