Anna Luten

I am Anna Luten and I am the first Bicycle Mayor of Amsterdam. I want to inspire other people around the world to go on a bicycle. As a Bicycle Mayor, you are the person who can start transforming a city into a bicycle-friendly city. You are the person who’s bringing together everyone who is in the conversation about cycling.

Imagine the possibilities. Together we can inspire the next billion people to start cycling.

Riding a bike is something that everyone can do and it’s something that everyone should try at least, because it’s fun and it’s easy and it gives you this sense of freedom.

In my tenure as Bicycle Mayor, some of my biggest achievements were organizing hackathons and growing the network. Getting more Bicycle Mayors than just me was one of the biggest goals of the programme… and to create a global community of Bicycle Mayors to have a network where you can share knowledge. Now with over 100 Bicycle Mayors globally, I feel even more proud to have been the first.