Ensuring the next generation chooses the bicycle

    Cycling plays an essential role in helping young people to stay active, independent and healthy. It also helps them to improve their engagement with education and to access more professional opportunities. WAVE is a customizable and scalable service to stimulate young people to start cycling through attractive cycling experiences. Our first activation is live and WAVE is now open to be adopted by cities, educational institutions or any organization working with young people, in any part of the world. The program can be refined and applied in different contexts, taking into account student needs, age, communication channels and local cultural context.

    WAVE at ROC
    We are working with ROC College Zuid in Amsterdam, which faces the challenge of an extremely low percentage of the students cycling to college. As the majority of ROC students have a poor connection to cycling, our first step was familiarising them with cycling and making the connection between cycling and their interests and values. We guided cycling tours in alignment with topics they were studying, provided insights on the benefits of cycling through interventions and visual campaigns. We also collaborated with the Bike-share company Swapfiets to give away 35 bikes for free for ten weeks during which we asked the students to partake in cycling challenges, and share their experiences with us.

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