Valeria Leyva Reyes

Valeria Leyva Reyes is passionate about cities, sustainable development, and social inclusiveness. She is a Mexican Architect who came to the Netherlands to pursue an MSc in Urban Management and Development with a specialisation in Sustainability and Climate Change at the Institute For Housing And Urban Development Studies (IHS) in Rotterdam.

In 2020, she established her own company called Leyva Reyes – Social & Urban Design. She developed projects together with TU Delft Faculty of Architecture, IHS, BD+P Architects and Planners, among others.

Her time in the Netherlands shown her the value of the bicycle. The possibility of being able to go everywhere cycling makes her feel free and empowered. Following her passion and commitment, she joined the Communications and Networks team at BYCS; seeing this as an opportunity to be the voice of the cycling movements, advocates, and organisations who want to show others how the use of the bike can make a societal and positive impact on the way we perceive the city.