Stan Pepels

Meet Stan, a passionate advocate for sustainable urban living and a cycling enthusiast. Born and raised in Tilburg, the Netherlands, he has been navigating the streets on two wheels since childhood, with fond memories of both triumphs and tumbles.

Stan holds a BSc in Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning from Wageningen University and Research and is currently finishing up a MSc in Urban Environmental Management with a focus on land use planning. With a keen interest in the intersection of urban development and environmental sustainability, he is committed to exploring innovative solutions that promote healthier and more liveable cities.

During a semester in Porto, Portugal, Stan experienced firsthand the challenges of living in a city without a strong cycling culture. This experience ignited a deeper passion for advocating for cycling infrastructure and accessibility. He thrives on the challenge of navigating diverse urban landscapes on two wheels and sees cycling as not only a mode of transportation but also a catalyst for community engagement and empowerment.

In Stan’s current role at BYCS, he leverages his academic background and personal passion for cycling to drive forward initiatives that promote cycling advocacy. Whether it’s exploring new bike routes or championing safer streets, Stan is dedicated to fostering a world where cycling is not just encouraged but celebrated as a cornerstone of sustainable urban living.