BYCS announces a global event series that promotes, stimulates and scales solutions that increase the comfort, joy and safety of cyclists in hot climates.

To celebrate World Car-Free Day, BYCS is announcing the launch of a series of events called Some Bike It Hot, to stimulate more cycling in hot climates.
“Our goal is half of all trips by bicycle by 2030 (50by30), and to reach that goal, we’re aiming for the global south, where billions more could ride comfortably and safely. Solutions and progress are being made in the global north, yet we see the biggest opportunity for global impact coming from countries as diverse as India, Indonesia, Brazil, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, and the Philippines,” says Lee Feldman, Co-founder of BYCS.

Edition 1 of Some Bike It Hot will be held in Bangalore from November 4th – 7th, 2019. Future editions are planned for Lima, Peru and Kampala, Uganda, with further ideas for locations and partnerships to help the series grow being welcomed.

The series will feature subjects that range from infrastructure, urban planning, and architecture, to product design, public policymaking, community mobilization, culture, and socioeconomics.

BYCS currently operates the Bicycle Mayor Network, a rapidly growing program that is scaling up the leadership and impact potential of bicycle leaders in cities worldwide, as well as the Bicycle Architecture Biennale – celebrating the most visionary, creative and inspirational built environments and urban plans. Together with Some Bike It Hot, BYCS is creating programs that expose more people to the full potential of the bicycle now and in the future.

“We believe that cycling is more than transportation, it is transformation. More cycling in cities leads to a myriad of positive outcomes that can be felt locally and globally,” says Feldman.

Unlike conferences that ask experts to fly long distances for short timeframes, Some Bike It Hot has created a toolkit that can be used locally, with results shared globally in a decentralized digital network.

“The bicycle is our wellspring of inspiration, and this translates into environmental awareness, regional interconnectedness, urban regeneration, increasing personal and community resilience, and maximizing economic potential without destroying our planet. Some Bike It Hot will address these challenges with the urgency that the world and humanity require, while offering an enlightened convening model that does not reward more airline miles.”

BYCS is seeking local and global partnerships for sponsorship and hosting.
To host an edition of Some Bike It Hot, or suggest topics and themes, contact
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