Poly Bhatt

For some years now, Poly has been interested in the potential of digital technologies and online social media platforms to spearhead societal transformation. Exposure to a number of cultures and socioeconomic environments in India and Curaçao during her childhood and adolescence prompted this fascination, along with a passion for social justice, planetary awareness and plant-based sustenance.

She was able to put an academic lens on her curiosity about the influence of social media on collective activism through the Master’s programme New Media & Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam. Learning about grassroots movements that transformed into full-blown revolutions under hashtags symbolised for her an exciting, new and more inclusive age of democracy.Following her studies, Poly joined the editorial team of an Amsterdam-based purpose-driven startup where she connected environmental changemakers through a online platform.

At BYCS, Poly is focused on facilitating growth, knowledge exchange and joint action in a network of ardent urban cycling advocates from over 100 cities. Working with a diverse and international group of trailblazers has highlighted the importance of a shared vision, as well as the need for continued preservation and consideration of cultural, geographical and political nuances.