Poly Bhatt

Poly has always been curious about the potential of digital technologies and online social platforms to facilitate cultural change. She was able to explore this curiosity academically in the Master’s program New Media & Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam. Learning about grassroots movements that transformed into full-blown revolutions under a hashtag symbolised for her an exciting, new and more inclusive age of democracy. Driven by a passion for politics, social justice, planet awareness and plant-based sustenance, she managed to combine her interests with her professional work within the editorial team of a sustainability-focused startup in Amsterdam.

She was then naturally drawn to BYCS’s conscientious mission to better the environment, human health and community on a global scale. Working with a diverse and international network of trailblazers at BYCS has not only been fulfilling, but has more importantly shown her that the common goal of a green future can unite people across borders.