Maaike Oskamp

Maaike is born and raised in Amersfoort in the Netherlands. In her free time Maiike enjoys being outside, playing field hockey, travelling and having fun with my friends. I’m really interested in the change of people’s behaviour, and how you could change bad ones into new, good behaviours.

In her third year of Applied Psychology at Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Maaike is combining psychology with durability. There needs to be more awareness about durability and its importance of it in the world. Most people do not think twice about taking the car instead of other more durable transportation options like the bike, and it is interesting to change this behaviour by applying psychological modules.

Previously, Maaike was an intern at a company that focused on awareness and waste reduction. One of the subject chosen in her studies is ‘Climate and behaviour’, in which the tools learnt will be applied to research for BYCS.