Go Cycling

Increasing Cycling Through Awareness and Education


How can we encourage more people to cycle everyday? Beyond infrastructure we must also accelerate adoption by educating people about the far reaching benefits of cycling and normalising its use.

Go Cycling is a highly visual branded campaign to stimulate cycling for targeted audiences. It was first conducted in Amsterdam’s business district, Zuidas, in the context of World Mental Health Day to tackle mental health among employees. One in four people suffer from mental health issues, and many more suffer from work-related stress every day. Increased cycling has been proven to dramatically improve wellbeing, as well as reduce stress.

Visual for the Go Cycling project.

Thousands of people were exposed to the campaign messaging throughout the week, with 38% of those surveyed saying it had inspired them to cycle more. Further data outlined that 36% people would cycle more if their employers provided greater incentives, giving us a solid base to work further with businesses to improve communication, facilities and support for people to cycle to work.

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We are looking for new partners to work with us to expand Go Cycling and tackle new topics (from environmental impact to early childhood development) or to run the mental health campaign in their local area.

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