Global Bicycle Mayor Summit to take place in Mexico City

BYCS is organising a summit of the international Bicycle Mayors in Mexico City in October. The six-day event will bring together the Bicycle Mayors to discuss challenges, share solutions and identify ways to radically accelerate the transformation of cities through cycling. And in order for the event to be most effective, BYCS is asking both organizations and individuals to get involved.

Since the first Bicycle Mayor was established in 2016, the network grew to around four by a year later when the first Bicycle Mayor summit took place in Amsterdam. Another year later, and there are 12 Bicycle Mayors – working on every continent – with many more cities on the waiting list to join. Together, they are identifying and leading projects that can improve cycling in ways that can address systemic city challenges around pollution, resource use, health and community.

The summit – which takes place from 8th to 14th October to coincide with Mexico City’s Design Week- will give the Mayors an opportunity to share their experiences of creating impact, as well as develop new skills to be the most effective city leaders. BYCS will lead bespoke training and development programmes, using approaches established by our partners at THNK School of Creative Leadership to help further elevate each Bicycle Mayor’s potential. And at the end of the conference, BYCS will be hosting a version of our event series ‘Shift’ in which the Mayors will present new ideas for transforming cities through cycling in cities. This will be held in collaboration with Mexican cycling organizations Bicitekas and Concepto Ciudad.

Maud de Vries, co-founder of BYCS, said: “Bicycle Mayors around the world are leading incredible change: from addressing air pollution to reversing the love affair with cars to empowering people for the first time to access education or employment by bike. We want to bring these incredible leaders together to not only celebrate this success but also ask ‘what next?’ At the summit, we will look ahead to the challenges on the horizon and ensure we are ready to lead the movement to accelerate the transformation of our cities to become human-centric and future-ready.”

Organizational support
BYCS is now looking for organizations to help with the running costs for the summit. As a social enterprise, we invest all out profits back into our non-profit activities, like the Bicycle Mayor program. However, we need a little extra help to cover costs for travel, accommodation and logistical support for the summit. We are very grateful for the support of the development company BAM for its generous support, as well as to the Dutch embassies in the countries where the Bicycle Mayors operate. If you’d like to also contribute, BYCS offers branded partnership opportunities for any organization wishing to align themselves as responsible businesses with the mission of BYCS. For more information on why become a sponsor, check out the BYCS website, or just get in touch.

Individuals to challenge the Mayors
Part of the schedule for the summit will be called ‘Impact Your City’ and will include the Bicycle Mayors working on city challenges posed by members of the public. If you would like to contribute to the program, then get in touch and tell us:

What is a major obstacle to increasing cycling in your city that requires a radical new approach? Tell us the challenge, the context and your hopes.

We won’t have time to answer all your questions but will select a small number. And if there’s anything else – more general – that you’ve always wanted to ask a Bicycle Mayor then now’s your chance – let us know. We’ll be sharing answers on social media during and after the conference.

Last month, BYCS launched an international campaign to find 100 Bicycle Mayors by 2020. The campaign was fronted by a video highlighting the impact Bicycle Mayors are having. The summit will also help the Mayor to identify ways to ensure every city understands the ways Bicycle Mayors can help them, and how to get involved. The summit will conclude with all delegates invited to ride through Mexico as part of its car free day.

If you’d like to know more, head to the bicycle mayor page or email
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