Delegations / Tours

Showing off the Amsterdam approach to international visitors

Many delegations visit Amsterdam every year to experience a city that understands how increased cycling makes a place healthier, happier and more prosperous. These groups include town planners, cycling activists, academics, political organizations and smart city leaders.

Using the extensive knowledge and insights from our active work across the city – and internationally – we are pleased to host these groups at our HQ in the West of the city or at our BYCS Labs in Zuidas (the business district) and New West (a newer neighbourhood of larger cultural diversity and different mobility concerns).

Presentations on city transformation through cycling for delegations

We create bespoke packages for each group to suit their size, timings and interests. This might include:

  • Presentations:
    • How Amsterdam became a cycling city, and its future plans
    • The ways cycling positively transforms people and places (including health, commerce, community and culture)
    • Innovations, programs and campaigns happening here and around the world to accelerate cycling
  • Workshops:
    • Discover and experience what cycling could do for your city using the BYCS Impact Index and create new approaches to implement straight away
    • Craft the messages and approaches that can help ‘sell’ cycling to your local stakeholders
  • Tours:
    • Take a tour with one of our experienced guides through Amsterdam, looking at themes such as History, Culture and Innovation.

“Your presentation has inspired all of us. It was spot on, and has already generated a lot of discussion and birth of new exciting ideas.”

– Delegation from Denmark

We give various workshops on cycling/city transformation

We offer anything from a short one hour presentation up to a full day (or more) of experiences. Every group leaves BYCS feeling inspired, informed and ready to take action.

We can also expand the program to include sessions with our knowledge partners, such as Amsterdam & Partners, Urban Cycling Institute, Pakhuis De Zwijger, ShareNL, HvA, Amsterdam Smart City and Waag to explore related themes of ‘City Marketing’, ‘The Sharing Economy’, ‘Behavioural psychology’, ‘The Circular Economy’, ‘Smart Cities’.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Why visit Amsterdam:

Amsterdam showed the world that a new approach to urban planning was possible when it set out bold ambitions in the 1970s to stop the car dominance and welcome in bicycles. The result today is a city that has more bikes than people, where as many as 60% of people cycle everyday (the highest level of any major city) and where former car parks and roads have been turned into public parks and playgrounds. Amsterdam’s progressive spirit carries forward into the number of innovative enterprises being established in the city, leading a new economy. Amsterdam today is a city of smart innovation, but one that understands that progress can be human-focused and is powered by bicycles. Even a modest shift to more bike trips will save national and local governments billions in infrastructure, healthcare, environmental and social costs. It also results in happier citizens, and more resilient and cohesive communities. Discover it for yourself and see what lessons you can bring back to your city.