International Children’s Cycling Manifesto

Cycling for transportation provides many benefits for all, including independence, health, happiness, community integration, and economic opportunity. However barriers to cycling, particularly for children, remain prevalent and in some places are growing, as cars continue to take priority and cycling improvements target mainly adults without children.

For cycling to become the norm for all children, we need both human and financial resources. With these cities and civil society organisations should ensure that every child can ride in a safe and comfortable environment, has access to cycles, develops adequate skills, and sees cycling as part of their culture.

Make cities for children

Children make up 1/3 of the global urban population, and are among the most vulnerable. When cities are safer for children, they are safer for all.

Make cities with children

Children have unique perspectives in our cities. They can see both barriers and solutions to healthy and happy urban lives that adults can’t.

Make cycling for children

When barriers are lifted, cycling provides diverse benefits for children, including independence, health, happiness, and community integration.

Make cycling with children

Empowering children to become their own cycling champions builds a natural love of cycling, and ensures their urban movement needs are met.

Since 2018, BYCS and its partners have been championing Bicycle Heroes – empowering children to envision cycling cities fit for children. Initially in The Netherlands, then across Europe, and now around the world, young people’s voices are rising to call for safer, cleaner, and fairer streets for wheeling.

Join our call and share our message, to make space for the needs and voices of children and cycling, so that we can achieve thriving, healthy, and happy cities for all.

Download manifesto graphics to share on social media here and register for our Bicycle Citizens Network here to participate in current and upcoming grassroots advocacy campaigns.