BYCS Events at WeMakeThe.City Festival

WeMakeThe.City is the biggest city festival in Europe. From 17 to 23 June, it celebrates urban life and focusses on city innovation and progress,  in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. We believe cycling plays a crucial role in designing the livable cities of the future, and during WeMakeThe.City we celebrate just that. From the new and inspiring Bicycle Architecture Biennale (BAB) to sessions on the transformative effects on cycling and the role of urban bicycle logistics, to the search for a new Junior Bicycle Mayor to boost safety for kids in Amsterdam, here’s what we’ve got planned.

Bicycle Architecture Biennale | 17 June – 21 June | Circl

The BAB is a prestigious showcase of cutting edge and high profile building designs that are facilitating bicycle travel and transforming communities around the world. After a hugely successful first run, the BAB returns this year to launch as one of the flagship events during Festival. This year the exhibition is curated by the award winning Next Architects, and a small selection of the exhibition has already been showcased during the exclusive sneak preview at the Urban Future Global Conference in Oslo in the last week of May. The exhibition is free of cost and will be open to the pubic. However, there will be a few interesting sessions with speakers, some of which will require tickets.

Two key moments to add to your itinerary:

Bike & City – special | 19 June| 13:30 – 15:30
An interactive session on the BAB and the role of the bicycle in the city of the future. One of the speakers for this event will be curator Bart Reuser from Next Architects. For more info and to get a ticket (required) head over  here. 

BAB ‘Borrel’ | 19 June | 16:30
Informal gathering to celebrate= the opening of the BAB. An informal gathering with bites & drinks, open to the public. To attend, please register via

Cycling = Transformation | 19/6 | 10.50 am | ABN Amro

We believe cycling is much more than transportation. Cycling is transformation. It transforms cities into clean, creative and vibrant places, and transforms people into healthy happy beings. During cycling is transformation we will explore this topic further. More info will follow soon, we will keep this page updated so keep an eye out here for updates.


Green Logistics – breakout #3: Smart Logistics | 20.6 | 9:30 – 16:40 | Rai

A breakout session, with our partner Green Business Club, where we’ll dive into the role of bicycle logistics in combating congestion and creating more resilient cities. For updates check this page.


Fietshelden | Private event

Bicycle Mayor of Amsterdam, Katelijne Boerma, is organizing the second ever Junior Bicycle Mayor competition in search of the new Jnr. Bicycle Mayor of Amsterdam. On the last day of WeMakeThe.City their will be an initial meeting of the ‘Fietshelden’ (Bicycle Heroes). These Bicycle Heroes, will eventually compete in a design challenge at Science Museum Nemo in Amsterdam. The winner takes all. He/she will become Junior Bicycle Mayor of the cycling capital of the world!