Bicycle Heroes: Youth Voices for Active Mobility

Children have a unique perspective on how to solve challenges yet often go unheard; their needs, when met, make cities safe for other vulnerable groups (elderly, disabled) in addition to the general population; and, they are effective spokespeople for change as a result of their influence over their families and society in general.

In this project, children in three partner cities (Dublin, Lisbon, and Rome) will identify the barriers to, and benefits of, active mobility. They will develop and design solutions as part of a design competition which will be exhibited to the public. The children will then oversee the implementation of a selected idea in partnership with key stakeholders. The project will increase awareness, ownership of, and involvement in, mobility challenges and solutions, both for children but also within the broader population. As a result, it will stimulate the uptake of active mobility in general.

This project is supported by EIT Urban Mobility and co-funded by the European Union.

The Bicycle Heroes: Youth Voices for Active Mobility is part of our scaling efforts of the Bicycle Heroes programme. You can learn more about the full programme here:


Partner Cities

Dublin, Ireland.

Coordinated by Dublin City Council and Trinity College Dublin.


Lisbon, Portugal.

Coordinated by Bicicultura and the Portuguese Association for Child Safety Promotion (APSI).

Rome, Italy

Coordinated by Roma Servizi per la Mobilità.

Why Children?

Our cities are clogged with cars, leaving unsafe, unfair and unsustainable mobility options for a large proportion of inhabitants. Europe’s pandemic cycling boom has meant huge increases in cycling ridership, but with unequal demographic uptake due to varying levels of accessibility. This project takes the theory of catering for one of the most vulnerable social groups —children—and enables them to tackle cycling barriers from their perspective.

To learn more see our white paper Cycling Cities for Infants Toddlers and Caregivers

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Program Coordinator – Alex Baum

Communications and Press Coordinator – James Crossley