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We have developed a suite of services to help any organization to improve the way it approaches progress by bicycle. Whether you are a government body, a private enterprise or a non-profit, there is a BYCS Impact Service to suit you. We’ll work with you to discover what’s right for the change you want.

Research and insights

  • We use our robust understanding of cycling cities to package insights, undertake focused research or develop thought leadership reports.

Concepting and piloting

  • We develop and test bespoke, breakthrough new ideas that can disrupt the status quo.

Events and experiences

  • We run a number of tailored cultural and experiential programs that connect our partners with the future they want to see.

Campaigns and communications

  • We create, manage and communicate high profile system and behaviour change campaigns across broad audiences.

Consultancy and coordination

  • We establish – and coordinate stakeholder groups around – a range of social and technological projects, from city planning to community or employee activation.
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Adopt a Program

We believe that accelerated city transformation cannot be achieved alone but is the result of dynamic, creative partnerships. We are developing a number of programs that we can collaborate on to apply anywhere. They have been designed to benefit any city regardless of what stage of cycling they are at. This not only allows anyone to work with us to implement a proven change model, but also instantly connects your city to an active global network.

Bicycle Mayor Program – our non-profit network of city leaders is now active on every continent, identifying challenges and building collaborations around breakthrough solutions.

BYCS Labs – our network of ‘co-laboratories for transformational change’. A mixture of highly collaborative physical space and centre for learning and system-level change. We believe every city can benefit from a BYCS Lab. And any changemaker can help us implement one in their city.

Impact Index – we have developed a future-focused index for cities to show how to act on the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Bicycle Architecture Biennale – a touring showcase of outstanding built environment solutions around cycling to inspire and facilitate urban transformation.

BYCS to Work – using behavioural dynamics and intuitive apps, we increase commuting by bike for businesses and governments to improve health, engagement and climate action.

For more on these and our other work, browse our portfolio.

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Partner with Us

We are delivering programs that are leading to dramatic shifts in cycling in cities. But our Mission of 50by30 wouldn’t be possible to achieve without our Partners. They support the further development of our products, global programs, and future innovations. In turn, these partners benefit from international impact and business opportunities.

For BYCS, partnership means collaboration, expertise and sustainable funding. As a social enterprise, we invest the profits from our client work to support our social programs – like our Bicycle Mayor and Leaders Program – that have the potential to affect billions. This effort is co-funded by our Partners. In addition, we work with with a range of organizations that share our vision for how cycling can transform cities. These Partners bring complementary skills and fresh ideas, whether that is working together on a new design concept, an event series, or a communications campaign. The challenges we face can be overcome and a more human-centric future created, but only if we work together.

Join our fast-growing partners network and help lead the transformation.

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