BYCS to Work

Biking to work works!

BYCS to Work is a fun and effective bicycle stimulation program aimed at increasing cycling uptake within your company. With elements of gamification, behavioral science and smart technology, we provide the right factors to spark behavioral change and get your employees cycling to work.

Through a variety of tools and activations, our BYCS to Work program facilitates the shift towards the bicycle mobility for employees. Promoting active mobility not only demonstrates being a responsible employer, it also ensures less sick days, lower employee stress, increased engagement and greater productivity.

At the heart of the program lies an interactive leaderboard where employees see their progress as they compete with one another through various challenges linked to their bicycle commute. This integrated approach enables the competition to be completely tailored to the individual needs of your company. The program is supported by research insights, activations, events, inspiring cycling showcases, an elaborate network of facilitators, and much more.

Discover what the bicycle can do for your company.

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BYCS to Work Zuidas

Zuidas is an exclusive, international business district located in the heart of Amsterdam. BYCS to Work Zuidas is part of wide scale collaboration to help the area become one of the most sustainable and progressive business districts in the world. We help companies, municipalities, and employees at Zuidas by encouraging employees to get to work by bike rather than by car, resulting in healthier and happier people, reduced CO2 emissions and fewer expenses.

Zuidas is an ambitious business district where sustainability is an important element. In order to meet its great ambitions, investments are being made to maintain the area’s quality of life, work and accessibility during the construction work on Zuidasdok and after. To this end, we are engaged with employers on the sustainability of their mobility policies. By means of a simple step-by-step plan, which includes an exploratory quick scan and access to our leaderboard, we are able to clarify the potential of bicycle stimulation. We also provide insights on various beneficial (tax) plans and regulations, that make the switch to the bicycle (including e-bikes) interesting for both employers and employees.

Partners at Zuidas