BYCS Partnerships

We are delivering programs that are leading to dramatic shifts in cycling in cities. But our Mission of 50by30 wouldn’t be possible to achieve without our Partners. They support the further development of our products, global programs, and future innovations. In turn, these partners benefit from international impact and business opportunities.

For BYCS, partnership means collaboration, expertise and sustainable funding. As a social enterprise, we invest the profits from our client work to support our social programs – like our Bicycle Mayor and Leaders Program – that have the potential to affect billions. This effort is co-funded by our Partners. In addition, we work with a range of organizations that share our vision for how cycling can transform cities. These Partners bring complementary skills and fresh ideas.

Join our fast-growing Partner network and help lead the transformation.

Why partner with us

Joining the journey to 50by30 means you are serious about creating a more positive future and shows that you want your organization to thrive in that future.

Partnering with us means:

  • You join a movement that is achieving global impact
  • You demonstrate your corporate social responsibility
  • You increase global visibility, and business or media opportunities
  • You gain access to a global network of insights and impacts

How to get involved

There are three main ways to get involved with BYCS and our Mission as a Partner:

  • 1. Join one of our established BYCS Programs (e.g. BYCS Impact, BYCS to Work, BYCS Lab and Bicycle Architecture Biennale) – partner with us to bring them to your city or organization.
  • 2. Fund our work to ensure the growth of our non-profit, social impact programs, like the global Bicycle Mayor and Leaders Network.
  • 3.Collaborate with us on new innovations and concepts that can ensure a rapid shift in cities from car-centric to human centric.