Bicycle Architecture Biennale 2019 Application rules

The Bicycle Architecture Biennale (BAB) celebrates the cutting edge and high profile building designs that are facilitating bicycle travel, storage and safety around the world. The biennale aims to reflect how cycling can improve urban living by contributing to a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner environment. And how design solutions can not only meet transit needs, but also inspire and facilitate greater cycling uptake. The BAB is an initiative of BYCS, an Amsterdam-based social enterprise that initiated and acts as a consultant on programmes that increase global bicycle uptake. The 1st BAB took place in 2017 and was curated by Dr. Steven Fleming. The biennale showed the work of international designers, from all corners of the globe. It was displayed during Velo-city at the Westergafabriek in Amsterdam. The second edition is being curated by NEXT architects, an international architecture firm based in Amsterdam and Beijing.

The second BAB will launch at the end of June, and will be a flagship event at WeMakeTheCity, Amsterdam’s multi-venue citymaking festival. It will then tour internationally at major architectural and citymaking exhibitions and events. Cities or organizations that wish to stage the BAB in its two-year run are encouraged to contact BYCS before it books up.

Call for entries

Designers, visionaries, futurists, urban planners and architects are invited to submit their projects for the next edition of the BAB exhibition to be opened in June during WeMakeTheCity festival in Amsterdam.


All submissions for the BAB 2019 will be judged by NEXT architects i.c.w. BYCS.

Conditions for participation

Bicycle architecture projects carried out anywhere in the world may be presented for the Bicycle Architecture Biennale by their authors or by the promoter entities.
Since some infrastructure and/or urban projects require a lengthy period of time to be completed, if the work is not totally finalised in 2019, it can still be presented if it has completed sufficient phases for assessment to be made.

In addition we encourage the submission of visionary concepts and ideas for future, potential bicycle architecture. Please note that also concepts/ideas need sufficient high quality image material in order to be considered for inclusion in the BAB exhibition.

Selection criteria

The criteria taken into account when selecting the winners and participants to the exhibition are not based solely on the quality of the work from a strictly architectural standpoint. The Jury also takes into account other aspects which allow evaluation of the impact of the bicycle architecture in the specific context and with regard to the local community:

1. Architectural quality.
2. The explicitly bicycle-related nature of the intervention. The intervention should promote and encourage the use of the bicycle.
3. Impact: the capacity of the work to contribute to the main mission: 50by30, half of all city trips by bike by 2030.
4. Local engagement, citizen participation and involvement and/or degree of acceptance of the work by its users.
5. Capacity of the work to add quality to the cities, improve quality of life.
6. Innovation and uniqueness: capacity of the work to offer a new, unexpected solution to help increase bicycle uptake.

How to apply

Online registration through the online form found at
If a person or organisation is presenting more than one project, the online registration form has to be submitted for each project separately.

All registrations must be submitted not later than 05 April 2019.

The documentation necessary for presenting your project for the BAB exhibition are:


  • Project name: A short name that includes the type of space and the location city. For example, ‘Greta Flagship Store, Berlin’.
  • Architect: The main studio, company or individual responsible for the design relevant to the submission. You can provide additional credits at the end of the submission.
  • Client
  • Short summary: briefly describe your project in 140 characters or less.
  • Project description: describe your project in approximately 250 words.
  • Impact and contribution to bicycle uptake: please tell us how your project meets the selection criteria in approximately 250 words.
  • Size in m2
  • Year of completion
  • Location of the project
  • Collaborators and/or advisors: please provide all the relevant credits for your submitted project.


  • In the application form, please fill in the link to a folder sharing platform like WeTransfer/Dropbox/Google Drive where all the image material can be downloaded.
  • Please provide a minimum of 2 and maximum of 7 high resolution images. We recommend landscape orientation. The maximum image file size is 10 MB.
  • Captions to describe each individual image are required. Please include photo credits if applicable.
  • Please note that the images have to be copyrights free to be used for events and presentation related to BAB.
  • Video link (optional). You may include a Vimeo or YouTube link to showcase your project. Please ensure that the video is not ‘private’ and does not require a password to view.

Important dates

  • Call open:
    27 February 2019
  • Deadline submission projects:
    15 April 2019
  • Publication longlist:
    April 2019
  • Selection winners:
    May 2019
  • Opening Bicycle architecture Biennale during WeMakeTheCity festival in Amsterdam:
    20-24 June 2019

Rights and obligations of the participants

Candidates for the BAB exhibition must accept the rules and comply with the following:

  • guarantee that they meet the requirements for presenting projects;
  • when presenting a project in the name of a legal person or group, guarantee that they are duly authorised to act in the name of this person or group;
  • pledge that they hold all the rights, including (but not exclusively) the rights to intellectual property. If the project entails the rights of third parties, the participants guarantee that they have previously obtained the rights, as well as necessary authorisations and/or licences, and that they exonerate BYCS from any claims that may be made in this regard.


By submitting a project for the BAB, the candidate gives BYCS and the other organising institutions the necessary rights pertaining to the material presented for the BAB, with the sole aim of dissemination and promotion in all the events and activities related with the BAB (exhibitions, publications, et cetera), and including its permanent availability for consultation on the BAB website and archive.


The contributor is responsible for the content of their own submission. BYCS and other organising institutions accept no responsibility for the content and can not be held liable for it.
Any disputed and/or disagreements about the content of the submission must be resolved by the contributor himself with the person/entity who feels disadvantaged by the submiss