Sven Ruigrok

Looking for new opportunities and breaking the ‘cycling is only for flat countries’ paradigm by investigating possibilities for cycling in all cities in the world Is what drives Sven. Through this he is giving shape to BYCS’ vision that the bicycle can transform cities all over the world and that emerging cities can benefit greatly from the development of the bike. His background in Human Geography and Urban Environmental Management means he gets excited thinking of human centred solutions for more sustainable cities for everyone to live in. He likes to be the link between the social and beta sciences while also connecting science with the everyday practice of riding your bike safely and freely. Connecting his bike to a tram rail and breaking his wrist in the process was not his biggest success in this regard this year…

When he is not thinking of all the possibilities of the bike he gets his green fingers out in his own vegetable garden and thinks about ways to provide sustainable food to cities. From organic and permaculture methods to vertical farms in the middle of cities. Sven is always open for a discussion on sustainability or any other topic really (as long as he thinks he will come out ahead).