Supporter opportunities

Help grow and sustain the impact of the network.

BYCS acts as the international convening organization powering the network. As a social enterprise, we invest the profits from our private work into supporting the network’s growth and activities.

From Cape Town to Sao Paolo and from Beirut to Bangalore, Bicycle Mayors are leading incredible shifts in how cities think about and act on the opportunities of cycling. Each Mayor acts independently according to local needs but is guided by a shared global philosophy.

We are now looking to bring on more funding partners to ensure the rapid growth we are seeing is sustained and that every Mayor can be best supported to continue to drive profound impacts.

Our new supporter packages

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Global Partner

Support the growth and impact of the Bicycle Mayor program across its global reach.

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Local Partner

Get behind your local Bicycle Mayor and ensure they can be the most incredible catalyst for change.

What we need funding support for

Mayor support

From ensuring Mayors in emerging economies have access to communications technology, to providing every Mayor with skills training that increases their effectiveness as city leaders, we want to ensure every Mayor has the tools they need to make their mark.

Network coordination

Running the global network requires a lot of time and resources. We want to ensure we can strengthen our team and further professionalise the systems we use.

International convening

It is important that Mayors can come together to share ideas and challenges, to learn from each other and pass skills around the world. We want to host a global summit for Bicycle Mayors every year.

Why support

By supportingĀ  the Bicycle Mayor program, you will be joining a network of aligned organizations, all driven by the belief in a future where cities are sustainable, livable and thriving. In cycling-centric cities, people and places become healthier, happier and more prosperous. We tackle systemic challenges and inspire new forms of enterprise.
With the branded supporter logos on display on your website and other materials, you will send a clear message to your customers or partners that you are

a purpose-driven organization. BYCS will celebrate the contribution of its partners in international and local marketing and communications activities, in line with the scale of the investment made.



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