Sumanth Govindappa

Iam Sumanth Govindappa from Tumakuru. I’ve completed my graduation in Civil Engineering and Masters in Highway Engineering and by profession am a Contractor in Civil Engineering. I am extremely passionate about cycling, trekking, and exploring nature.

How would you describe your mission?

My aim is to make my city a sustainable and environmental city by increasing non-motorised traffic (cycling) and increasing the number of cycling commuters. This will lead to an important decline in carbon footprints and also create a benchmark for other cities, by creating awareness and campaigning for the benefits of cycling.

What are the obstacles and challenges you are facing in your city?

1. Lack of dedicated cycle lanes
2. Lack of signages, including cycle signal phase at junctions
3. Lack of street lights and safe parking
4. Lack of awareness about the holistic benefits of cycling, especially with regard to public health

What are the next steps now that you are the Bicycle Mayor?

1. Reach out to cycle users and collect data on their experience of cycling infrastructure, then convey the same to the department by requesting the appropriate actions
2. Organise cycling events like Cyclathon, breakfast cycling meets, cycle days to campaign about the benefits of cycling to the public
3. Conduct cycling workshops in school, institutions and businesses in my city and increase the number of commuters by cycle