Roza Ismailai

Born and raised as a bilingual and having changed two nationalities, Roza considers herself a true citizen of the world. She has studied and worked in Greece, Denmark, Serbia, US, Netherlands and Belgium, holding various communication roles from investigative reporting to the Press Unit of the European Parliament.

A firm advocate for human rights and equity, she values actions that bring forth societal change. It is the same societal impact that first attracted her to BYCS. After working on migration and civil liberties from the institutional perspective, she decided to switch her focus to socio-environmental issues, which are more demanding than ever. She is now much keen on discovering the intersection of sustainable transition and equity.

At BYCS, she utilises her multidimensional communications experience and supports the project funding and strategy efforts of the for-profit, not-for-profit and partners. She is also responsible for the communications strategy and execution of the India foundation, a decentralisation process which genuinely fascinates her.