Rafi Friedmann

Rafi’s career started in sales positions at various large companies, where he learnt a lot about what it takes to lead professional projects in international companies. He undertook these roles to complement his studies for a degree in Communications. As Rafi progressed in both his studies and work, it became more and more clear to him that he was drawn in to the design and development of creative communications campaigns, while at the same time he felt a strong need to work at an organisation with social impact at its core. Near the end of his studies, Rafi chose to intern at an organisation that he had long been inspired by; Greenpeace. After following an internship for half a year, he decided to stay for another six months to write his thesis for the organisation.

After finishing his studies and briefly travelling the world, Rafi sought out a job at an organisation where he could satisfy his longing for creating positive impact through creative communications. He found exactly that at BYCS where he leads our social media, supports the strategy and runs a number of our communications activities. Rafi is extremely eager to meet like-minded people, to have a coffee (or a beer), exchange ideas, and identify areas for collaboration. Connect with him through LinkedIn, or drop him an e-mail.

The best thing about my job, is that I get to combine my passion for design, creative content and campaigns, with working towards a cleaner, happier and healthier world. Absolutely awesome.