Pascal Boontje

Pascal is a program and organisation manager at BYCS. Before joining BYCS he worked on mobility and transportation projects at multiple small municipalities across The Netherlands. Pascal enjoys projects integrating various modes of transportation, for example integrating bicycle and train travel by improving station accessibility. In his research he used Amsterdam and London to look at cycling in an international context, searching for ways to spur institutional and social change. Moreover, he worked on cross-border knowledge on cycling, which does not focus on solely copying the ‘Dutch model’. Rather, it is important to focus on adapting to local circumstances and learn from each others work.

At BYCS Pascal is putting his knowledge on Dutch and international cycling to use. He is working on multiple projects to foster bicycle use, bicycle innovations and bicycle campaigns in collaboration with partners. At BYCS Pascal hopes to have a positive impact on the use and the enjoyment of the bicycle in the Netherlands and beyond.

In his spare time Pascal tries to live an active lifestyle and spends quite a lot of time in nature and in his community garden.