P.K. Kumar

I am officially working as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dr. Muthu’s Hospital, Coimbatore. I have been cycling for the past 25 years and inspiring people to get passionate about cycling; promoting green transport and health benefits. I’ve been conducting “INSPIRE” Personality Development Training Programmes and Stress Management classes in schools, colleges, NGOs and corporate companies in India, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Maldives. I currently hold 8 World Records, in that 4 World Records are using Penny Farthing Bicycle & Backward Brain Bicycle and the remaining records are using Mind and Body Coordination exercises. I’ve also achieved the Guinness Record in 2019 using the Backward Brain Bicycle for the title “Farthest distance cycled with a backwards-brain bicycle in one hour”.

How would you describe your mission and what are your next steps?

✓ Promoting ordinary person to cyclist in Coimbatore.
✓ Conducting cycle rallies on UN Special days in Coimbatore.
✓ Personality development training and creating health awareness through cycle in schools, colleges in Coimbatore.
✓ Promoting cycling through Local, National, International NGOs like LIONS CLUBS, ROTARY CLUBS, RESIDENTS ASSOCIATIONS etc in Coimbatore.
✓ Formation of more Bicycle Clubs in Schools & Colleges in Coimbatore.
✓ “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE” awareness programmes through hospitals and clinics in Coimbatore.
✓ Promoting the benefits of green transportation and reducing traffic congestions in Coimbatore.
✓ With the support of Coimbatore corporation implementing road markings, cycle lanes and cycle freedom in Coimbatore.

What are the obstacles and challenges you’re facing in your city?

✓ The public needs motivation to learn about bicycle practice and benefits.
✓ Traffic congestion because of construction of new bridges.
✓ The lack of Bicycle Mayors in my area.
✓ School and college students are focused on their studies, so PTA members and teachers need to be made aware through a different means, which can be me.

What can other cities learn from your city?

Coimbatore is a clean industrial city. Traffic violation is less in comparison to some other cities. Green transportation is a viable solution here because of good infrastructure. Coimbatore is also an education hub and has become an IT hub as well.