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Global initiative

There are many ways for you to get involved with our efforts around the world depending on your interests and level of commitment:

  • Become a Bicycle Mayor
  • Find a Bicycle Mayor in your city
  • Become a Supporter
  • Promote the network and our work

Scroll down to learn more about each opportunity.

Become a Bicycle Mayor

1. Prior to applying, learn more about the role, the network, and some tips when applying.

2. Complete the Bicycle Mayor Application.

a. As part of the application, gather 3 letters of endorsement from key stakeholders. Use the Letter of Endorsement Template to create your letter (or make your own) and use the Endorsement Letter Request to notify the person making the endorsement.

b. Use the list of questions to prepare your answers (though your final answers must be submitted via the online form). Applications cannot be saved and must be completed and submitted in one session.

3. Completed applications will be evaluated by a committee of BYCS staff and, when relevant, Bicycle Mayors, that meet weekly.

4. At the meeting, the committee members will decide to Approve, Deny, or Request More Information. Applicants should receive a response to their submission within a week.

5. If a Request for More Information is made, the applicant may submit the requested information and the application will then be re-evaluated based on this new information at the following meeting.


Bicycle Mayor Sao Paulo

Find a Bicycle Mayor in Your City

There are a number of reasons to have a Bicycle Mayor in your city, but not everyone has the skills, time, or motivation to be a Bicycle Mayor. You or your organization can still get involved by committing to help us find a Bicycle Mayor in your city. Fill out the form below and we will send you a toolkit consisting of a helpful guide to the process as well as templates to help you promote the campaign. The process usually takes 4-8 weeks from initial planning to the official announcement. The organizing indiviudal or authority can decide what level of involvement they want to have. 

My City Needs a Bicycle Mayor

Become a Supporter

Supporters are passionate about our mission and vision but may not have the time or experience to be a Bicycle Mayor. Their strength is in their numbers. Supporters sign on for global and regional calls-to-action, as organized by BYCS and the Bicycle Mayor Network. These can involve expressing your support for an initiative, helping us gather data or media, or communicating a particular message. Click the link below to become a Supporter and we will keep you updated about opportunities. 

Become a Supporter

Promote the Network and Our Work

Help spread the word about BYCS and the Bicycle Network in your country, region, city, or organization. The more people that hear about it, the more people will want to get involved, and the closer we will get to our mission of having half of all city trips by bicycle by the end of the decade. We are all in this together!

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