Migo Ronchetti

Migo worked for several companies in several functions, mainly in the cultural sector, he is a real allrounder and therefore the perfect person to grow the Bicycle Mayor network from 9 to 150 by the end of 2019. The network needs someone who is keen on building structure to protect the quality of a fast growing network.

Migo has a history in logistics focused on information systems, what is the content, who is using it, how do you show it, who is the owner and who has acces to what information, he uses this knowledge to build a solid network environment for the Bicycle Mayors, but also shaping a clear and efficient workflow on new cities to come. On communications side, Migo has a history in Audio Visual technics, making movies for public and educational use, but also educating youngsters in making video’s and interviewing people to make them aware of the influence the maker has on the story told. Bicycle mayors can benefit from his knowledge and use video to show their impact in their city to the world.