Max Lugtenborg

When writing his thesis, in which he analyzed cycling policies of several European cities, Max got a first introduction to the exciting and dynamic world of the cycling industries. As a result he found himself increasingly convinced of the importance of promoting cycling and the positive effects of the bike on a whole range of different challenges. Fortunately, when this writing process came to an end, his pro-cycling feeling lasted. As to this day, Max is still very much a believer, which inevitably led him to BYCS.

Encouraged by his background in European Studies and motivated by his belief that the bike can make an impact on numerous policy areas, Max envisions a European or even worldwide agenda or platform on cycling. This in turn could be utilized by cities all over the world en would be an important step in making cities future-proof. BYCS is therefore a perfect match.

For now, you can find Max working on projects such as Zuidasdok, Fietslab Gelderland, and Slimmer en Duurzaam. The beauty of his job is that it allows him to get involved in various BYCS activities whilst providing the opportunity to make a direct positive impact.