Martin Angioni

I am Martin Angioni from Milano, Italy. I’m 51, consultant, writer, passionate about cycling in all its many forms. Every opportunity is good enough to jump on one of my many bikes and just pedal. In the city, to a meeting, with my children, to take my dog Axel to the park, to train for competitions, to explore the Alps, or to travel through remote places such as Corsica, Sardinia, or the Canary Islands. I’ve just published a book titled “The 98 reasons why I cycle” (I guess the title is pretty much self explanatory, isn’t it?)

What is your mission?

Help promote cycling as the best way to go from A to B, wherever that is. Help others understand and experience how much fun it is to cycle, and how direct a contribution it can be to your own well being and that of our planet.

What are the obstacles and challenges you’re facing?

  • Too many cars and motorcycles.
  • Too much noise and pollution.
  • Too little cycling culture.
  • We have over 200km of cycle lanes in Milano, but we need more!

What is the next step?

Work alongside the existing cycling associations (I’m part of one, called ASD Cassinis Cycling Team) to help promote a wider adoption of cycling as the best transportation option in Milan and to commute from and to the region around it.

What can other cities learn from your city?

I’m not sure it is a “lesson”, but I’ve personally experienced that a trained body, a strong will and a good bicycle transform you in an unstoppable person! You can literally go out and conquer the world, it’s just up to you