Marta Nosowicz

Marta is an International Spatial Development student at Breda University of Applied Sciences.

She originally comes from Poland and came to study in the Netherlands to broaden her horizons. She has a passion for urban design, community development and is interested in finding creative ways for fostering positive changes throughout the built environment.

She believes, that by creating social connections and strengthening urban atmospheres beautiful environments serving a greater purpose for the society and nature can be created. Moving to the Netherlands, where bicycles are primary modes of transport, helped her understand what a big influence using a bicycle has on the society, health, and environment. In the core of her interests are visual communication and spatial problem solving, rooted in understanding the broader processes and trends which occur in cities and communities. In her projects, she likes to focus on understanding human needs and behaviours, connections with nature and sustainability.

At BYCS, she is researching soft measures to promote cycling, and how those initiatives can strengthen the Human Infrastructure of cycling cities.