Maria Sarah

Having grown up in Indonesia, Oman, Germany, and now living in the Netherlands, Maria has shifted from relying on cars to public transport and now to bicycle as her main mode of transportation. What fascinated her the most was that cycling was not only the most efficient way of travel, but it was also the answer to a number of issues including traffic congestion, urban pollution, and public health. She hopes to be able to bring the same cycling-friendly infrastructure to cities like Jakarta, Indonesia where roads are crowded with motorcycles and cars, and this was why she was naturally drawn by BYCS’s mission.

Before BYCS, Maria previously worked for the ASEAN Foundation, where she monitored and evaluated youth empowerment programs to measure their outcomes and impact. As a Strategy & Impact intern, Maria brings her program management experience and her academic background in economics, social entrepreneurship, and public policy, to assist in the planning, measuring, and reporting of BYCS’s broader impact. She is most excited by the opportunity to work at BYCS as it is a social enterprise, which values cross-sector collaboration, and champions local ideas and work, to create effective change.