Maike van den Berg

My name is Maike and I studied Media at the University of Groningen, and got my degree in September 2018. Prior to joining BYCS as a Media & Communications intern I traveled the world for six months. You can definitely say that I am a true adventurer who deeply cares about nature and about making the world a better place. Hence why I approached BYCS. I believe that through cycling we can create healthier, happier and safer urban areas. To go back to our roots by taking our bike everywhere we travel. To create communities of people who want to make a change, and eventually want to improve our (global)wellbeing.

How I found BYCS? Well, I have always been very fond of cycling. But it wasn’t until my Australian friend came over to the Netherlands that I realised how fortunate we are in the NL to be able to virtually cycle everywhere! My friend was so amazed, and so his amazement opened my eyes. I came across BYCS, felt like my standards resonated with what the company stands for, and so I applied. The rest is history!