Lucy Mahoney

Hello! I’m Lucy and I’ve been working in sustainable mobilities since 2009 and have been riding bicycles since 1989! I cycle for leisure and utility – in both business attire and in sportswear – and my career in active travel has taken me from academia to policy and from policy to a climate action non-profit. I currently lead and advise an international network of city officials who envision a future where walking and cycling are accessible mobility options for all citizens, where city spaces are transformed through people-friendly planning policy, and where city-wide rates of walking and cycling are increased. It’s a pretty great job…

How would you describe your mission?

When it comes to cycling, London is establishing itself as a world leader. The city is not only prioritising the roll out of high quality infrastructure, benefits research and urban realm improvements but is also taking inspiring action to tackle transport- and health-related inequities. For London, I plan to focus on:

Promoting equitable and permanent road space reallocation and supporting and increasing ambition around schemes happening across London i.e. COVID cycling measures such as LTNs, School Streets, Healthy Streets, Mini Hollands
Measuring and communicating the benefits so that more people choose to cycle for everyday trips (using my platform to communicate and champion the amazing, evidenced-based work going on in London)
Acknowledging these benefits, advocating for more funding and working with partners to authentically engage communities to support political and public buy in to cycling measures

My very first action as Bicycle Mayor will be to share news of my appointment! The amazing thing about my job at C40 is that I get to hear all of the inspiring stories of how cities are being shaped and transformed to make them more inclusive, vibrant and resilient. I can’t wait to showcase the awesome work going on in London with other Bicycle Mayors and to steal ideas and best practice from other cities to share with London!