Lily Gelai

Lily is a Masters of Urban Planning & Environments student, from RMIT, Australia. With a background in urban sociology, she has interest in what can be done at the local level and the importance of resilience building in cities from the bottom up. Studying in Melbourne, Berlin and Utrecht she has seen the local and global challenges cities face across different contexts, and the importance of an active community in creating change.

After a semester studying in the Netherlands she has seen the transformation cycling can have on cities in creating healthy, inclusive and sustainable urban spaces. Studying Urban Planning in the Netherlands constantly inspires her to learn and imagine new futures for her home city, Melbourne. Lily sees cycling as one way cities can act at a local level to make global change. At BYCS, Lily helps to coordinate the growth of the Global Bicycle Mayor Network.

In Melbourne we imagine a future utopian city that is bike friendly, car free and then you come to Amsterdam and it’s happening