Lilith Nolden

Growing up in Heidelberg, Germany, cycling has always been part of Lilith’s daily routine. From an early age, she experienced how the bicycle enables her to enjoy flexible and self-determined mobility.

However, she first realized during her studies how great and far-reaching the potential of active mobility can be in terms of wider social and systemic change. Motivated to use the transformative potential of cities to create more equitable and thriving communities, Lilith started her bachelor’s degree in Urbanism at the Bauhaus-University Weimar in 2020. Driven by deep feminist beliefs, she mainly focuses her academic career on gender-equitable urban research by pursuing this topic in several research projects and local case studies.

Outside of the university context, Lilith is active in various queer feminist initiatives, advocating for equal opportunities and rights for everyone. By collectively organizing local actions, such as demonstrations, discussion panels, reading groups or art exhibitions, she tries to spread her values to the world.

In hopes of further contributing to global change towards equitable, just and inclusive cities, Lilith is now supporting the Bicycle Mayor Network in BYCS as an intern.